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Kaj Török, on going climate positive

Chief Sustainability Officer at Max Burgers

Can a burger company be a role model on sustainability? In Sweden, the favorite fast food starts with a M but it is not the one you think! It is Max Burger, a family owned company, that received UN’s Global Climate Action Award at COP25 in Madrid.

Meet Kaj Török, Chief Sustainability Officer at Max Burgers.

Max aims at reinventing the burger industry, replacing beef by greener options. Target for 2022 is that every other meal served should be without beef. Today, it is already a little more than 40%. The veggie burgers accounted for 2% of the volume sales in 2015 and for 22% in 2019!

In this episode, Kaj explains Max journey toward limiting its impact in line with the 1.5° target of the Paris agreement, in 3 steps:

1/ Make the full diagnosis of the company activities through a GHG protocole, looking at scope 1, 2 and 3

2/ Reduce emissions in line with the 1.5° target, focusing on the biggest impact and being ready to change one's core business, replacing beef by plant based options in the case of a fast-food company.

3/ Capture carbone, through reforestation programs, because reducing the emissions is not enough, it is now urgent to sequester carbon.

Kaj gives tips and pitfalls and replies to all my questions around packaging, the very business model of fast food, capitalism and growth or controverse about carbon offsetting. If you thought that a burger company could not be a driver for good, you might change your mind after that podcast!


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