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Tomas Björkman, the Nordic Secret

Applied Philosopher and Social Entrepreneur, founder of the Ekskäret Foundation

Tomas is an applied Philosopher and a Social Entrepreneur, founder of the Eskäret Foundation and of many other initiatives in Stockholm, London and Berlin. He is also the author of 3 books: The Market Myth, The Nordic Secret and The World We Create.

In this conversation, we speak about meta-crisis and the possibility that humanity is undergoing a ‘phase-shift’ similar to the one humanity went through 250 years ago during the Enlightenment. This will raise questions around democracy, education and inner-development.

Tomas shares what he calls the Nordic Secret, and describes how this 100 years old Scandinavian experiment can inspire us today, when we need to develop our individual transformative capacities. Tomas also develops the idea that we need to change our collective worldview, just like we did during the Enlightenment, when we went from a dogmatic religious way of looking at the world to a scientific and rational worldview.

Rather than focusing on the vision for a desirable future, Tomas invites us to consider the favorable conditions to get us there, providing concrete sets of values to build upon:

- 5 inner capacities: openness, seeking perspectives, sense making, finding one's inner compass and empathy.

- 5 perspective shift clusters: holistic (vs. individualistic), systemic (vs. linear), dynamic (vs. static), conscious of our bias and purpose driven (rather than materialistic)


The Market Myth (2016)

The Nordic Secret (2017) - Co-authored with Lene Rachel Andersen.

The World We Create (2019)



"My ancestors tell me, we are in an emergency, we need to slow down", Bayo Akomolafe (African Philosopher)

Recommended Book:

Regenerative Leadership: The DNA of life-affirming 21st century organizations (2019) by Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins (Author)

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